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Thursday, July 17, 2008
It had been a very long week. I was actually too preoccupied to even remember what day it is, but I'm getting used to it. I have allowed myself to blog inspite of the long line-up of things I had to accomplish, but I'm multi-tasking, right now I'm sending the Physics PPT to some of my classmates. Anyway, I was drowsy in most of my classes today (especially during eco, but I was listening to the film, not viewing it, because my eyes needed some rest), a direct and obvious effect of sleep deprivation. I'm not the only one who has those circles under their eyes, a lot of my friends have them too, but not as prominent as mine(I was born with it). Things had been hard on us the last couple of days (for some; weeks), we had to comply with a lot of requirements, which includes, bookreports, homeworks, quizzes, sketching, the usual things that a student does, only, this is twice as hard, no, maybe just a half more harder ;). But who was I to complain? It's an inevitable part of studenthood.

Good thing Larissa's birthday celebration is coming up, I need some time to avoid the loads, and just half fun. Don't get me wrong, school is incredible, especially with my friends being there, but I just needed a place that wouldn't remind me of the pile of unfinished business, a place like star city. :). But that's on Sunday, which was good, because I get to study during saturday, which abides by the "priorities first" motto. And also, saturday is our grad pic. picture taking. gahd! I'm sooo not ready.

I have another dilemma at hand though, my mom just read a couple of text messages that she shouldn't have. I try to laugh about the whole thing, but when I think of it, I get butterflies in my stomach(not the good ones) and my arms loses their normal strength. I'm scared.

Last fieldtrip
Saturday, July 12, 2008
This year is definitely going to be full of lasts... last year in highschool will mean, last long tests, last periodic exams, last pullout classes, last extra pull out subject, last mr. and ms. teachers (because in college we'll be calling them professors), last highschool field trip, etc.

For our field trip educational trip, we went to Paradise Ranch in Clark, Pampanga, where in we were able to see some beautiful landmarks, plus birds such as ostriches and peafowls(peacocks are the male peafowls) and lots of those very entertaining makahiya plants :)), we also went in the butterfly garden, but I chose to sit down and rest instead, because the place was like 50,000 hectares of land, and trecking, would definitely lead to exhaustion. Moreover, we interacted with our aeta brothers and sisters, they were so welcoming and warm, I even danced with the aeta children, it was so much fun!! And helping them with our donations of food, drinks and old clothes, was really fulfilling. Not only were we able to help the Aetas, but also, we were able to help mother nature with our tree planting session! yey for us! :) St. Paul Parañaque even had it's own mini forest inside the Paradise Ranch, it was so cool.

We went to the Nayong Filipino after, It's a very historic place, with lots of replicas, such as the replica of Andres Bonifacio's house, Rizal's house, Emilio Aguinaldo's house, an Ifugao village and replicas of their houses, which were easy to clean with their roll-up floors, burglar-proof with their moveable ladders and flood-proof because it is placed relatively high from the ground, smart isn't it? There were a lot more replicas which I couldn't remember. After which, we wnt to Clark Museum, camera's were not allowed in here, so no pictures for us.. Inside were a lot of historical articles, such as very telephones, cameras, clothes, pictures, boots, guns etc. There was even a figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who survived a fire, it was amazing, and very overwhelming.

And for our last destination, we went to the original duty free shops, it was pure gold duty free -_- ... I didn't like this stop that much :)) It was chocolate-filled, and I'm not much of a chocolate fan.

But the best part of the trip was bonding with my classmates inside the bus, we had this social ranking caste system inside our bus :)) see, there was an elevated part at the back, with chandeliers as the lights, That was the upperclass or the V.I.P. where we belonged, It was so funny because we had this piture portrait taking, where in we had to pose seriously to demonstrate our cream-of-the-crop--ness. haha! But us back sitters, when they said that we should be stern, we posed otherwise, and vice versa. The V.I.P.s were also the nosiest, we partied hard on our way home, singing and dancing, blahblah. Then there was the middle class they were the quiet ones and the sleepy ones as well :) then the lower class/the urban poor, the funniest of them all, hanep sa punch lines! And super madaldal as well :)

"Di kami tumatanggap ng food na bukas na at pag nag bigay kayo, di na
--upper class

"magkaka-revolt of the lower class!! (lol)" --lower class"

(stop over sa isang place para mag comfort room) "huh?! asa school na?!
teka ung gamit ko! teka lang!" --Joanna C. of the middle class :)))))

painting spec
Monday, June 30, 2008
I'm loving my spec! :D

visit my deviantart for a larger view :)

Is technology good or bad?
Monday, June 16, 2008
My Physics essay :D

Today, we must adapt ourselves to an environment that is different from what human race had evolved in... An environment of technology. This is the future, the 21st century, it is where you can send a mail, talk to your friends even order your groceries and do shopping all at the comfort of your home. Technology had made our world small, it made talking to someone from a different continent a whole lot easier, and technology even lets you look at the world from a satellite’s view! Who would have guessed that from snail mailing, here is now E-mail, faster, easier and with less effort, to it you could even attach pictures, and music. Who would have guessed that instead of the months or even years of traveling using a ship, come only a number of hours of flying via airplanes. Who would have guessed that technology had made its own world… an intangible world called the Internet.

Advances in technology are truly overwhelming when you think about it, but a question often rang is “is technology good or bad?”

There are always two sides of everything, the black and the white. Often debated are the two sides of technology. Clearly, technology had made our lives easier and comfortable. Without technology, cure for deadly diseases wouldn’t have been discovered, easier communication wouldn’t have emerged and we wouldn’t be as educated as well. What we are embracing now is human development in action; to do away with this, is like denying our humanity, we are human beings, we are made with intellect, and we are made to prosper.

Then now, what is really the problem? The problem is that we use it and then we abuse it. A person could sit in his comfy couch, watching TV, or surfing the internet all day… and with all the things accessible to him via his laptop (he could shop, mail and even take his college classes) he would never have to leave his house, and soon grow obese, but thanks to technology, an easier solution materialized, he could have liposuction. Using this scenario, it is clear to us how a person could abuse technology. This is obviously not a good thing, since all things that are too much is bad.

Ironic it may seem, but we have to face the fact that good and bad always co-exist. There wouldn’t be good if there wasn’t bad, and vice versa. That is why there is no clear answer to such questions like “Is technology good or bad?”. For the effects of technology depend on the one who uses it, no doubt that technology brought us to a life that is comfortable and beneficial. What makes technology bad is the people who abuse it, because some tend to become over dependent to computers and advanced appliances, and addicted to T.V. and online or Nitendo games. We just have to learn to balance and learn how to use these overwhelming breakthroughs that surrounds us today.

First day blues
Thursday, June 12, 2008
Who would have guessed... The first day of school made me sick. LITERALLY. I was actually hoping to have a pretty normal way to start this year off, pero first hour palang, stressing na. And the teachers are already giving us tons of homework! They have an excuse though, they're paulinian teachers, (haha, see the humor in that? :)) ) I guess it was either out of necessity or just a habbit. Probably they were just excited =)))

Anyway, I'm suffering from Amoebiasis. Sad isn't it? :)) That was the reason why the nurse sent me home yesterday, and why I'm absent today -_- . I really want to attend school :'( I'm missing a lot of lessons... First week pa naman. haay. lucky me wlang pasok tom.


Rose = Love
Monday, June 9, 2008
Jaime and I had this little conversation...

Jaime: The best roses to give are the ones that never wilt.

Nikki: No, the best are those that are true...

Jaime: Why do you say so?

Nikki: Just like love, Mas maganda pag totoo.

Jaime: Coz the fake rose is also like love, na di dapat

Nikki: I realized that. Pero I would rather have real love, rather than
fake ones. Real roses last, it multiplies pa nga, you just have to know how to
use it, hindi katulad ng fake ones, it stays the same, at habang tumatagal,
boring na...

A series of pointless arguments followed after. It's obvious that both of us had a point, why can't a rose allow itself to last and at the same time be real? If that was possible, it surely will defy the laws of mother nature, but that's the magic of LOVE, it violates the norms that are known to man. Love is where being real and never wilting can co-exist.

Love is where being real and never wilting can co-exist.

Mitch Hansen Band
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
It's definite. I fell inlove with a vampire :)) I finished reading twilight last thursday, and I got so engrossed with the book that I couldn't let go of it. I was able to finish it faster than any other books that I have read... I can't wait 'til I get my hands on a copy of Newmoon.

In relation to that, there's this really cool one man band, the Mitch Hansen Band, who translated Edward's and Bella's feelings into majestic melodies and captivating lyrics.

I encourage you guys to listen to his songs...



Being made of stone will make you strong
But I've been alone for oh so long
Then there you were a silent mind
And beauty that I thought I'd never find

Something Strange is happening
And I don't know what to do
I haven't felt my heart beat in over 90 years
I love the way you look at me
When you're thinking no one else can see
I feel like someone different when you're near

So sleep now and hold me tight
Everything will be alright
Just lay down and rest your waery eyes
Calm down, you're safe with me
I love you more than you can see
You need your rest and so I wrote you this

Could someone who has a soul
Have such a hard time staying in control
Eternity can wait a while
I'll miss the way you blush when you smile


"Twilight Hour"
(How Bella wants to spend forever with Edward)

Its a simple thing
Losing me would hurt you so deeply
I see it in your ocher eyes
Don't let me be an eye blink
In you endless, sleepless eternity
You know you want me by your side

Please tell me why
Take my hand and stop all this debating
Please change your mind
The hourglass only offers so much waiting

Because I'm just one of those grains you see
Slipping down the neck of the bottle
Soon the top will be empty
And you'll be out of me

Its the hardest thing
There are too many Forks here in my road
Which is the path that I should choose
Inside my heart the answer's
Glinting, hinting, waiting for me to see
The road less traveled leads to you

Please tell me why
Take my hand and stop all this debating
Please change your mind
The hourglass only offers so much waiting

Because I'm just one of those grains you see
Slipping down the neck of the bottle
Soon the top will be emptyAnd you'll be out of me

Here in our meadowI see you as you really are
Out of the shadows
You are my shining star

You're picturesque
Then there's me I'm always such a mess
That never makes you love me less
You offer me protection
When all I want is preservation
Please make the time stand still for me

Because I'm just one of those grains you see
Slipping down the neck of the bottle
Soon the top will be empty
And you'll be out of me